Veg out Crew

A game full of fun and adventure.

The Game

My Presskit is currently being created.

Otherwise this is where the game is. Your one place to get access to Veg out Crew!

Want to get involved?

Come on over to my discord to let us know your feedback!

Discord server


We've just released to EARLY ACCESSS, yes we're on STEAM!!

Still in development but we're ready for peoples feedback :)

STEAM - Early Access

Ready to purchase the game? Well you can now get in on the action with EARLY ACCESS!

That's right, currently in early access as we still have a fair bit to do. But don't be fooled, there's still a heap already done.

So go on and have a look, check out the trailer, some screen shots or even wishlist then purchase yourself a copy.


I'm a solo developer, trying to create my own fun, enjoyable, creative games. Currently working on Veg out Crew which is a 2D platformer based around fruit and vegetables trying to save their world.

With house hold weapons ranging from the spoon and fork, rolling pin, whisk and many others, to taking on moldy enemies and those yummy but unhealthy foods, Veg out Crew is a whole bunch of fun, enjoyable, adventurous and creative as we can create it.

I've now released my game into early access as I'd love to receive feedback from everyone and let them have the opportunity to help grow Veg out Crew.

If your ready to get involved or want to provide some feedback, contact me on discord at Discord server.

Also don't forget, in early access RIGHT NOW and still in development as we speak.